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Runtime: 101 min.

Release: February 22, 2018

Director: Lee Dong-Eun


Writer: Lee Dong-Eun

Country: South Korea

language: Korean

In Between Seasons

Hwanjeolgi 환절기
  • Movie
  • Korean


Mi-Kyung (Bae Jong-Ok) raises her son Soo-Hyun (Ji Yoon-Ho) alone. Soo-Hyun is in the 3rd grade of high school and he is a good son. One day, Soo-Hyun brings his friend Yong-Joon (Lee Won-Geun) over and Yong-Joon stays with them. A couple of years later, Soo-Hyun is released from the army. Soo-Hyun and Yong-Joon go on a trip, but a car accident happens. Soo-Hyun falls into a coma. Mi-Kyung blames Yong-Joon. She also learns a secret about Soo-Hyun and Yong-Joon.



  1. Winner of the KNN Award at the 2016 Busan International Film Festival (screened in the New Currents section).