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Runtime: 132 min.

Release: September 28, 2016

Director: Kim Sung-Su

Producer: Kang Hyun, Han Jae-Duk

Writer: Kim Sung-Su

Country: South Korea

language: Korean

Asura: The City of Madness

Asura 아수라
  • Movie
  • Korean
  • Crime
  • Action


Detective Han Do-Kyung's (Jung Woo-Sung) wife has terminal cancer. For his wife, Han Do-Kyung does something he would not otherwise do, but he is caught. Han Do-Kyung tries to arrest Park Sung-Bae (Hwang Jung-Min) while under the pressure of prosecution. 


  1. Filming began September 22, 2015 and finished January 25, 2016.
  2. "The City of Madness" is the fourth film director Kim Sung-Su and actor Jung Woo-Sung has worked together. The other three films are "Beat" (1997), "City of the Rising Sun" (1998) and "Musa the Warrior" (2001).