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Runtime: 104 min.

Release: July 10, 2008

Director: Jung Young-Bae

Producer: Park Jung-Yang, Park Do-Hyuk, Choi Ik-Kyu, Kim Hyoung-Suk

Writer: Yun Hak-Ryeol, Jung Young-Bae

Country: South Korea

language: Korean

Are You Crazy

Jalmotdoi Mannam 잘못된 만남
  • Movie
  • Korean
  • Comedy


Ever since high school, Il-Do (Jung Woong-In) and Ho-Chul (Sung Ji-Ru) have had a love-hate relationship. In the army, Ho-Chul used his superior rank to give Il-Do a hard time, and in the sphere of romance, Il-Do won the heart of Ho-Chul's first love. Years later, when Il-Do returns to his hometown to work as a traffic cop, where Ho-Xhul is a foul-mouthed, reckless taxi driver, their feud hits new heights. Il-Do constantly tickets Ho-Chul - who defies all authority - and their animosity even spreads to their children.