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Runtime: 97 min.

Release: June 28, 2006

Director: Ahn Sang-Hoon

Producer: Lee Min-Ho, Kim Jin

Writer: Jung Sun-Joo, Ahn Sang-Hoon, Lee Jung-Sub

Country: South Korea

language: Korean

Arang - Korean Movie

Arang 아랑
  • Movie
  • Korean
  • Horror


Detective So-Young (Song Yoon-A) is reinstated after a suspension. She is then thrown into a mysterious case with rookie cop Hyun-Ki (Lee Dong-Wook). The victim died from apparently acid released from inside his own body. The only clue the detectives have to work on is an email sent to the victim prior to his death. Then, more deaths occur in the same manner. How are the victims related? How does a death that occurred 10 years ago and a salt storehouse relate to the case? The two detectives work feverishly to find the answers.