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Runtime: 112 min.

Release: February 13, 2014

Director: Kim Jin-Moo

Producer: Park Jin-Hyuk

Writer: Kim Jin-Moo

Country: South Korea

language: Korean

Apostle (Korean Movie)

Shinyi Bonaen Saram 신이 보낸 사람
  • Movie
  • Korean
  • Drama
  • North Korea
  • Religion


Chul-Ho (Kim In-Kwon) and his wife live in North Korea. They are supporters of a church which is is strictly forbidden in their country. Then, Chul-Ho and his wife's ties to the church are discovered and they are taken away to a labor camp. Chul-Ho is able to survive, but his wife dies. Chul-Ho can't shake away the sense of guilt he carries over his wife's death.



  1. Filming took place February 15 - April 3, 2013.