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Runtime: 109 min.

Release: November 13, 2008

Director: Min Kyu-Dong

Producer: Min Jin-Soo, Lee Yu-Jin, David Cho

Writer: Min Kyu-Dong, Kim Da-Yeong, Lee Kyeong-Ui, Fumi Yoshinaga (manga), Jung Sam-Sung, Hong Ji-Young

Country: South Korea

language: Korean


Sayangkoldong Yangkwajajeom Aentikeu 서양골동양과자점 앤티크
  • Movie
  • Korean
  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Food
  • Gay


As an heir to the family fortune, Jin-Hyuk (Joo Ji-Hoon) has money, the looks, the charm, everything except finding the love of his life. So he sets up a cake shop where women are sure to come. He hires Sun-Woo (Kim Jae-Wook), a talented patissier who had a crush on Jin-Hyuk back in high school. Along with an ex-boxing champion Ki-Bum (Yoo Ah-In) and a clueless bodyguard Soo-Young (Choi Ji-Ho), the four unique and handsome young men stir up the quiet neighborhood at their cake shop, Antique. Although seemingly careless and happy, each of the four men have unforgettable past that they are afraid to face, but their secrets slowly begin to unravel.



  1. Based on the Japanese comic "Seiyo Kotto Yogashiten," written by Fumi Yoshinaga.
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