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Runtime: 123 min.

Release: August 22, 2013

Director: Kim Gok, Kim Sun

Producer: Choi Doo-Young

Writer: Kim Gok, Kim Sun

Country: South Korea

language: Korean

Anti Gas Skin

Bang Dok Pi 방독피
  • Movie
  • Korean
  • Indie
  • Mystery
  • Satire
  • Suspense-Thriller


2009 - election day in the capital city of Seoul. Four people roam the city looking for a gas mask wearing serial killer for different reasons. Young werewolf Mi-Joo wants to be killed by the serial killer to overcome her trauma. Sang-Jun Joo is the leading mayoral candidate, but has been threatened that he will be killed if he wins. Traffic cop Bo-Sik wants to catch the serial killer, because he thinks of himself as a superhero. Lastly, American marine Patrick is after the serial killer, because he believes the serial killer killed his girlfriend. These four people meet on election day.