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Runtime: 100 min.

Release: July 3, 1965

Director: Hyeon-mok Yu

Producer: Ki-dong Woo

Writer: Han-il Kim, Tetsuji Takechi

Country: South Korea

language: Korean

An Empty Dream

Chunmong 춘몽
  • Movie
  • Korean


"An Empty Dream" takes place in a dream brought upon by a visit to a dentist office. A young man and woman gets familiar with each other as they await in a dentist's office. After they are put under by anesthesia, they fall into a love triangle with the dentist.


  1. Remake of Tetsuji Takechi's 1964 film "Daydream".
  2. Because of rumors of a nude scene in "An Empty Dream," director Hyeon-mok Yu was briefly arrested in 1965 and later fined.
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