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Runtime: 104 min

Release: July 13, 1996

Director: Hyeok-su Lee


Writer: Chan-kyu Lee

Country: South Korea

language: Korean


  • Movie
  • Korean


We open looking at a disheveled prisoner in a solitary, unheated cell. His face is weary and scarred and signs of frostbite appear on his skin. He reaches down and captures a rat that has poked its head into the room. He lifts the wiggling animal and puts its head in his mouth. The camera cuts away as he bites down, returning a second later as we watch the man gag down his meal. The is Kyeong-min played by Cha In-pyo. In a flashback, we see how Kyeong-min has wound up in such dire straits. He was captured by North Korean troops in a battle during the Korean War and sent to a prison camp. Unfortunately for him, the prison is under the command of his old rival Pyeong-san (Lee Jeong-jae). They were apparently rivals at everything from philosophy to love and it was his inability to out-compete Kyeong-min that drove Pyeong-san to the north to train as a special operative. Pyeong-san is determined to break Kyeong-min's spirit and singles him out for many impossible and humiliating tasks. However, even after 35 years in the concentration camps, Kyeong-min never gives up hope of escape nor the love of freedom.