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Release: June 2, 2001

Director: Kim Ki-Duk

Producer: Kim Sang-Geun, Lee Seung-Jae

Writer: Kim Ki-Duk

Country: South Korea

language: Korean

Address Unknown

Suchwiin bulmyeong 수취인불명
  • Movie
  • Korean


In a small town on the outskirts of an American military base in South Korea, three teenagers struggle to find their way in the violent wake of the Korean war. Chang-guk (Yang Dong-kun), the son of a Korean barmaid, longs to travel to America to find the soldier father who abandoned him. Timid Ji-hum (Kim Young-min) can’t deal with his boastful, disabled veteran father. And withdrawn Eunok (Ban Min-jung), blinded in one eye by a sibling’s prank, falls for James, a U.S. soldier, who promises to pay for restorative surgery. All lives collide as each one’s hope and longing for a better future returns upon them like a letter decidedly marked Address Unknown.