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Runtime: 110 min.

Release: August 28, 2008

Director: Jung Byung-Gil

Producer: Lee Yong-Hee, Lee Ji-Yeon

Writer: Jung Byung-Gil

Country: South Korea

language: Korean

Action Boys

Woorin Aekseonbaewooda 우린 액션배우다
  • Movie
  • Korean
  • Documentary


In 2004, there were a little more than sixty guys waiting for an audition to be a stuntman in Seoul Action School. After the audition thirty six applicants were picked up and started to take stunt-lessons. Undergoing six months desperate discipline, only eight survivors could graduate from the school, including Kwon Kwi-Deok, Shin Seong-Il, Kwak Jin-Seok, Kim Kyung-Tae, Joo Yong-Seong, Kwon Moon-Chul, and Jung Byoung-Gil. They all had their own histories. Accordingly they all had their own wishes, dreams, and paths to the future. However, they got together under one common dream. This is a story about the dream that those eight dreamers dreamt, namely, becoming action heroes.