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Runtime: 101 min.

Release: October 13, 2016

Director: Zhang Lu


Writer: Zhang Lu

Country: South Korea

language: Korean

A Quiet Dream

Chunmong 춘몽
  • Movie
  • Korean


Ye-Ri (Han Ye-Ri) runs a bar that she took over from her father. She has three men who are in love with her. The three men have totally different personalities, but they are all head over heels in love with Ye-Ri. The three men compete for Ye-Ri affections, but they also comfort each other.



  1. Movie title "Chunmong" translates literally to either "Spring Dream" or "Empty Dream."
  2. Ye-Ri's three male love interests (Yang Ik-June, Yoon Jong-Bin, Park Jung-Bum) are all award-winning directors.
  3. Filming began April 7, 2016 and finished April 29, 2016.