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Runtime: 76 min.

Release: September 26, 2013

Director: Park Sang-Hun

Producer: Baek Hak-Ki, Kim Hak-Bong, Seo Eun-Jung

Writer: Park Sang-Hun

Country: South Korea

language: Korean

A Mere Life

Beolgeosungi 벌거숭이
  • Movie
  • Korean
  • Drama
  • Arthouse


Park Il-Rae has a wife named Han Yoo-Rim and son Young-Soo. He's the type that always says everything is going to be all right, but his wife doesn't trust him. Young-Soo is addicted to video games.


  1. Early working title was "Ankor Wat" ("앙코르와트") and movie had its world premiere at the 2012 Jeonju International Film Festival with the Korean & English title of "Ankor Wat".