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Runtime: 101 min.

Release: December 9, 2010

Director: Song In-Sun



Country: South Korea

language: Korean

A Lone Tree

Seoseo Janeun Namoo 서서 자는 나무
  • Movie
  • Korean


Two firefighters, Gu-sang and Seok-woo, rescue Sun-yeong who gets stuck in a revolving door. After the rescue, Gu-sang marries Sun-yeong and lives happily. And one day, Gu-sang learns that he has just a few months to live. Seok-woo treats him like his own brother, but he is being tormented by his love for Sun-yeong. Gu-sang also suffers from intolerable pain, but whenever he does, an unknown light, which puts his mind at ease, appears. He wonders about this light. While Seok-woo is hiding his love towards Sun-yeong, Gu-sang is concealing about his terminal illness. However, they know each other's secret. The two men are called to the scene of a fire. Gu-sang sacrifices his life for Sun-yeong and Seok-woo. After Gu-sang’s death, Seok-woo learns about the reality of the light, which made Gu-sang feel comfortable.-- M-Line