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Runtime: 95 Min.

Release: April 24, 1999

Director: Ui-seok Kim


Writer: Jang Hang-Jun, Cheon Myeon-Kwan, Park Gyu-Tae

Country: South Korea

language: Korean

A Great Chinese Restaurant

Bukkyeong Banjeom 북경반점
  • Movie
  • Korean


A young man, Yang Han-Kook appears at a small Chinese restaurant in decline, Peking Ban-Jeum. He is a son of the restaurant president, Han's childhood friends, from China. The president Han made a promise to run one of the best Chinese restaurant with his friend (Han-Kook's father) after he learned how to make Jajang-myeon (a Chinese soybean sauce noodle) in China. He falls in his old memory, seeing the kitchen knife and a pot of Chinese soybean sauce in Han-Kook's hand. Han-Kook determines to follow the president Han's dream. One day Han finds that the head cook uses caramel and a chemical seasoning to make Chinese soybean sauce.