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Runtime: 100 min.

Release: October 8, 2009

Director: Hur Jin-Ho

Producer: Kim Chul-Soo, Kim Jin-A, Lim Hee-Chul

Writer: Hur Jin-Ho, Lee Han-Eol

Country: South Korea

language: Korean

A Good Rain Knows

Howoosijeol 호우시절
  • Movie
  • Korean
  • Romance


South Korean student Dong-ha (Jung Woo-Sung) met Chinese student May (Gao Yuanyuan) while studying in America several years back. The two students became friends, but didn't realize the bond they had until they went their separate ways.



  1. "A Good Rain Knows" initially began as a short film segment for the omnibus film "Chengdu, I Love You" but was later turned into a full length film.
  2. Movie opened #5 at the South Korean box office, selling 115,734 tickets on 420 screens & accounting for 10.9% of all tickets sold during its opening October 9th-11th weekend.
  3. Altogether "A Good Rain Knows" sold a total of 289,640 tickets and stayed in the weekend top for 2 weeks.