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Runtime: 107 min.

Release: January 14, 1995

Director: Kwon Chil-In

Producer: Won-keun Jeong, Hyeong-jun Kim

Writer: Kim Hyeon-Seok, Kim Hyeong-Jun

Country: South Korea

language: Korean

A Good Day to Fall in Love

Salanghagi joheun nal 사랑하기 좋은 날
  • Movie
  • Korean


It is love at first sight for Hyung-joon, a certified public accountant, when he sees Si-jeong, a flight attendant. Despite their feelings for one another, Si-jeong ends up marrying Hyung-joon's friend Tae-seob. Hyung-joon, in turn marries, his first love Eun-ah. But when he hears about Tae-seob and Si-jeong's divorce he is thrown into a state of emotional conflict. Before Hyung-joon can rekindle their romance, Si-jeong marries a baseball player named Kang-hyuk. After numerous failed attempts at finding true love, Hyung-joon realizes the true meaning of love.