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Runtime: 88 min.

Release: December 2, 2010

Director: Song Jung-Woo

Producer: Song Jung-Woo, Jung Bo-Hyun

Writer: Lee Moo-Ryong Lee Sun-Kyung

Country: South Korea

language: Korean

A Friend In Need

Yeouido 여의도
  • Movie
  • Korean
  • Drama


In bleak Yeouido, crowded by the political world, press and stock companies, section chief Hwang Woo-Jin works in a stock trading firm. He is a hard-working salaryman, but is the first to be laid off. With an outstanding private loan to pay for, hospital bills for his father and consistent conflicts with his devoted wife, stress gradually suffocates Hwang Woo-Jin. Finally, a junior staff member and a boss, who he trusts, conspire to kick him out.