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Runtime: 110 min.

Release: September 25, 1993

Director: Shin Seung-Soo

Producer: Jonathan Kim

Writer: Jonathan Kim, Kim Hyung-Joon

Country: South Korea

language: Korean

A Different Kind of Man

Gaseum dallin namja 가슴 달린 남자
  • Movie
  • Korean


Frustrated with her lack of oppurtunity at her workplace, Hye-seon Kim (Park Seon-Young) decides to do something about it. Hye-seon decides to masquerade as a man and quickly becomes the star employee. Then after she gets assigned to an all important project she meets co-worker Hyeong-jun (Choi Min-Soo). As they work together, feelings start to arise between the two and when things can't become more strange, Hyeong-jun's fiance starts to show interest in Hye-seon.