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Runtime: 74 min.

Release: November 12, 2009

Director: Jo Kyu-Jang

Producer: Choi Ji-Hye

Writer: Jo Kyu-Jang

Country: South Korea

language: Korean

A Camel Doesn't Leave Desert

Naktaneun Malhaettda 낙타는 말했다
  • Movie
  • Korean


Yeong Kwang (Kim Nak-Hyeong) is released from prison and travels back to his hometown. There, Yeong Kwang finds that his mother passed away and his brothers give him the cold shoulder. Yeong Kwang does come across money that his mother has left for him. With the money Yeong KWang buys a plot of land he hopes to redevelop. He also meets a widow and hopes to start a new life with her and his redevelopment project. But when he hears that she is having an affair and his redevelopment project is about to be cancelled ...