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Runtime: 80 min.

Release: September 30, 2010

Director: Kim Dong-Joo



Country: South Korea

language: Korean

A Broom Becomes a Goldfish

Bitjaru, Geumboongeu Doeda 빗자루, 금붕어 되다
  • Movie
  • Korean


Middle aged man Jang-Pil (Yoo Soon-Woong) lives in a small one room apartment in Shinrim-dong. In the past, he might have studied for his bar exam, but now he makes a living by collecting junk, managing the apartment building he lives in and also makes wooden dolls to sell. One day he lends money to a young man in the same apartment building, but the man ends up taking his job. Jang-Pil is also tricked by a woman he met in the neighborhood. Jang-Pil now accidentally kills ...