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Runtime: Wed. & Thu. 21:30

Release: March 21, 2018 --

Director: Kim Won-Suk


Writer: Park Hae-Young

Country: South Korea

language: Korean

My Mister

Naui Ajusshi 나의 아저씨
  • Drama
  • Korean
  • |
  • Episodes 16


A man (Lee Sun-Kyun) in his 40's withstands the weight of life. A woman in her 20's goes through different experiences, but also withstands the weight of her life. The man and woman get together to help each other.


  1. "My Mister" takes over the tvN Wed. & Thu. 21:30 time slot previously occupied by "Mother" and followed by "Why Secretary Kim" May, 2018.
  2. First script reading took place December 18, 2017 in Sangamdong, Seoul, South Korea.
  3. Na Moon-Hee was originally cast to play supporting character Byeon Yo-Soon, but she had to drop out due to scheduling issues. Ko Du-Shim was then cast to play Byeon Yo-Soon.
  4. Oh Dal-Su was originally cast to play supporting character Park Sang-Hoon. He dropped out of the drama series on on February 27, 2018 due to sexual harassment/assault claims from his past. Park Ho-San was then cast to play Park Sang-Hoon .