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Runtime: Sun 23:15

Release: August 28, 2011

Director: Song Hyun-Wook


Writer: Han Hee-Jung

Country: South Korea

language: Korean

KBS Drama Special: Our Joyful Young Days

Gippeun Woori Jeolmeun Nal 기쁜 우리 젊은 날
  • Drama
  • Korean
  • |
  • Episodes 1


Set in 1980, Hyung-Joo (Choi Sung-Won) and Min-Goo (Moon Hyuk) strives to become comedians. One day, they hear of an audition at the Gwangju Broadcasting Station and decide to try. At the audtion, Hyung-Joo sees Soon-Nam (You Da-In), who wants to become an announcer, and falls in love with Soon-Nam on first sight.