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Release: TBA



Writer: Yu Watase (manga)

Country: South Korea

language: Korean

Absolute Boyfriend (Korean Drama)

Jeoldae Geuyi 절대 그이
  • Drama
  • Korean


A female girl, nearly 30 years old, gets dumped by a man who was her first love. The girl then orders a robot which leads to true love ....


  1. Based on Yu Watase's manga "Zettai Kareshi" which was also turned into a 2008 Fuji TV drama.
  2. Early rumors had actress Gianna Jun (Ji-hyun Jeon) playing the lead female character in the Korean remake of "Absolute Boyfriend", but her agency announced those rumors were false.
  3. Related titles:
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    2. Absolute Boyfriend SP | Zettai Kareshi SP (Fuji TV / 2009)
    3. Absolute Boyfriend | Jeoldae Geuyi (MBC / 2012)